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Treatment Procedure

laser lipo
weight loss machine

Choose the treatment area among the body parts.

Apply boost serum/cream that causes heat sensation for more anti-cellulite effect.

Rub gently and absorb it.

non invasive lipo

Wrap the treatment area with a plastic wrap to retain consistent temperature.

laser lipolysis

Attach probes and stick to the treatment area.

emsculpt machine

Fasten the velcro and hold the probes tightly, then choose the programs and start treatment.

body sculpting machine

PHERAPY treatment never requires therapist intervention. The patient just lies on the bed and the therapist just put the probes to the body during treatment. PHERAPY never induce intense movement of therapist and patient. This allows PHERAPY treatment to concurrently perform with other treatment to the face and other body parts, allowing owners to get an opportunity to reduce time, labor cost and maximize making revenue.

PHERAPY Tutorial Video

Treatment Area
Selective Body Slimming Treatment on various body parts you want

body slimming machine


fat removal machine

Upper & under arm

body contouring machine


fat reduction machine

Flank, waist, love handle

laser lipo

Back, bra line

belly fat removal

Hips, buttock

fat removal

Front & back thighs

non invasive lipo


laser lipolysis

PHERAPY's Unique Probes

With 4 specially designed ergonomic probes, it is possible to treat various parts of body such as stomach, forearms, thighs, buttocks, and calves. PHERAPY treatment allows to complete ideal body contouring and healthy body.

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