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New Generation of Body Slimming Technology

with Sound Wave Vibration & Dual Low-Level Lights

PHERAPY Special 3 Steps Treatment
to the Best Body Contouring

Pherapy Body Slimming 3 Steps To The Best Body Contouring

1st. Boost Up Anti-Cellulite
Exclusive PPC serum enhances anti-cellulite effect of PHERAPY treatment with mild thermal sensation.

2nd. Sound Wave Vibration
Sound wave involving intense vibration is delivered into fat layer and deep muscle stimulating fat cells.

3rd. Low-level Light Therapy
Dual Low-level lights with over 45℃ are delivered deep into the subcutaneous fat layer and break down fat cells. 

Pain-free & Discomfort-free
Non-invasive, non-surgical treatment without downtime

PHERAPY's treatment is the safest procedure resulting in reduction of body size and smoothing the appearance of cellulite. Therapist does not have to be present during the treatment for 20 minutes. Patient just needs to lie down and wait until finished.

The Safest Body Slimming Procedure Pherapy

High Profitability

PHERAPY provides owners & operators an affordable solution with an outsized ROI through outstanding effectiveness in body slimming treatment.

Low-level light LEDs

Dual LED lights radiate broadly resulting in no burns and damages, and PHERAPY treats a wide range of body parts over a shorter treatment time.

High Output Power

High-output power creats a difference in the depth of penetration resulting in high effectiveness in providing optimal conditions for fat dissolution.

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